Collaboration for a better future - for you and mankind

We are looking for professionals from various backgrounds to join GEMINI next Generation Inc. (in creation). Help to lead mankind into the solar age and become a partner in the process.

Batteries and electric motor instead of combustion engine was a logical thing for vehicles, but what about buildings? Ridiculously low targets for building standards.

We are redefining what a building must be able to do in the new building standard ClimateProtectionSuperiorityHouse. We will be building houses to this new standard for the first time. We will implement this new ClimateProtectionSuperiorityHouse building standard worldwide. We want to remain the global market leader in buildings built to this new standard.

We want worldwide wealth and a civilization with an unlimited future. Only global prosperity creates the conditions for the urgently needed planetary renovation — back to 350 ppm CO2. That is why our mission statement is.

Planet renovation back to 350 ppm CO2,
We contribute house by house.

Blender 3D visualization - settlements, house, interior design
In real terms, GEMINI next generation houses will not exist until September 2024, but settlements, houses and their interiors must be made visible before then.

Blender 3D animations for training explanations
For assembling a piece of furniture 20 pages with sketches are enough, for building a house much more extensive is required. 3D animations to explain work processes.

Documentation technology - building house for laymen
Skills shortage no thanks! We want to enable low-skilled workers and DIY self-pickers to build house segments with lots of videos.

Documentation life of homebuyers
The before after of home buyers, the path to the house, the explanation of forms of financing with real examples. Many videos to show it is desirable and feasible.

Create a software environment for new company
Linux is mandatory, open source is preferred. Design the complete software environment for a new, fast growing company. Purchasing, accounting, sales, customer management.

Software for heat pumps with RS485 interface Software for heat pumps with RS485 interface
You work directly with the hardware, 3 air heat pumps with RS-485 interface. During operation, the software creates a performance map of the heat pumps used.

Software for marketing own electricity on the spot market
The software must read weather forecasts, solar yield forecasts, and spot market prices and develop an optimal strategy to best manage the home's resources.

Software for energy certificate according to new building standard Software for energy certificate according to new building standard
We need software to be able to certify a building according to the new building standard ClimateProtectionSuperiorityHouse and to evaluate its performance in the replication factor.

Dynamic simulations for extreme loads on the house Dynamic simulations for extreme loads on the house
The statics for the house is probably easily done, but we also want dynamic simulations of extreme events. Something like the crash tests for cars, but only virtual.

Factory hall for the production of houses
Size of the factory hall, space for the individual work steps, production capacity and number of employees required. The challenges of cheap series production.

Expert for welding robots
The steel frame for a house segment is welded. At the moment, 50 x 30 mm steel pipes with 3 mm wall thickness are being considered for this. Selection of robots, design of the workspace.

Special trailer with lifting device for house segments
House segments are to be driven from the factory hall to the building ground by vehicles for which B+E driving license is sufficient. There they will be connected with the foundation screws.

Heating and cooling with new system Heating and cooling with new system
With only 3° more supply temperature than room temperature, conventional systems can no longer be used. You help to implement new methods for this.

Roof wiper to keep the photovoltaic free of snow
Sounds like a trivial problem, but it's not, otherwise some companies would not have discontinued the production of systems for keeping snow free again.

Greywater Blackwater Recycling
Option Sahara means gray water recycling. First thought of for very water-poor countries, but suddenly this is also interesting for Germany.

Fruits and vegetables - food production Fruits and vegetables - food production
The biggest consumer of land is food production. The ideals of 1000 m² civilization are unattainable without more efficient food production.

Project developer settlements Project developer settlements
Inspire mayors, find larger plots of land, find residents. If electricity prices continue to be so crazy high, also argue with “land for energy”.

Project developer worldwide new factory halls
After the opening of the model settlement in Unken, a capital increase to € 100 million is to take place. Worldwide 80 new factory halls for the production of the houses are the target.

Project developer workers housing estates
In poor countries, the house is too expensive for the poor and not representative enough for the rich. The solution: offer as workers housing even for energy-intensive factories.

Lobby - lobbying Lobby - lobbying
Communicate the new building standard limateProtectionSuperiorityHouse. “Land for energy” as the first areas where this standard must be met until worldwide.

Find and improve furtherance
You find your way through the huge jungle of different subsidies and also argue with the funding agencies for an optimization of the subsidies.

  Historical development and current statements

This subdomain and the subdomain shows the historical development of the project. shows current statements of GEMINI next Generation AG.

Investing in disruption for survival Investing in disruption for survival
Humanity has several existence-threatening problems, we offer to invest in a multiple disruption, which can solve several of these problems.

Investing in disruption for survival: GEMINI 1991 to 2023 Investing in disruption for survival: GEMINI 1991 to 2023
In 1991, the “GEMINI habitable solar power plant” was extremely far ahead of its time, but in 2021, “GEMINI next Generation” has the potential for the next big disruption.

Dynamics of goals and decisions Dynamics of goals and decisions
The invention of the catalyst in 1950 developed a momentum that will lead to the end of the ICE. Rio 1992, Paris 2015 will likewise establish the CPSH building standard.

2022 Establishment of a corporation to 1. capital increase 2022 Establishment of a corporation to 1. capital increase
The foundation of GEMINI next Generation AG and the preparation for the first capital increase. Step by step on the way to the next big disruption that redefines what a house must be able to do.

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